Special Financing

Frequently Asked Questions

At Bill Estes Chevrolet, we understand that our customers may have hit a bump in the road every now and then. That’s why we employ a Special Finance Manager who specializes in helping those who have less than perfect credit.  Whether you have Bad Credit due to a Bankruptcy, Charge Off, Slow Pays or even a Repossession, we can help!


Q. Can I apply online to get pre-approved for financing before I visit Bill Estes Chevrolet?

A. Yes. Just fill out and submit our online application to get pre-approved in seconds.

Q.  Can I obtain a car loan even though I’ve got bad credit?          

A.  Without a doubt!  This is one of our specialties at Bill Estes Chevrolet.  We partner with a network of lending agencies that specialize in being able to help people with unfavorable credit ratings buy a car.  Even if you have been denied at another Dealer, we suggest you give us a try.

Q.  What if I’ve had a repossession in the past?

A.  At Bill Estes Chevrolet, we’ve had many customers who have had repossessions in the past.  Our business is assisting you, the client, to re-establish your credit and get past the issues that you have experienced in the past.

Q.  What if I’m a first time buyer?

A.  No problem!  We have several first time buyer programs that would be perfect for you.

Q.  Exactly how much will my monthly payments be?        

A.  There’s a lot of components that go into figuring out monthly installments, such as amount of purchase, interest rate, term, and down payment.  With hundreds of banks, thousands of packages and a wide array of vehicles, the best option will be to contact us with your price range and we’ll see what we can make work for your unique case.

Q.  What do I need to bring with me to try to get a car loan?

A.  You should bring the following documents:  ID or Driver’s License, Trade Title, pay stubs or proof of income.  You may also be asked to supply utility or phone bills, bank statements or other similar documents